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Understanding Car Problems

When my car died suddenly, I knew that I was in trouble. I didn't know anything about car issues, and I was in the middle of nowhere without cell phone reception. Fortunately, a kind stranger helped me to get where I needed to go, and I couldn't have done it without him. After having that experience, I was motivated to learn a lot more about car issues. I figured out how to troubleshoot engine trouble on-the-go, and I also learned how to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. This blog is for anyone out there who has ever wanted to learn more about vehicles.

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If Your Teenager Is Driving, They'll Need These Towing Tips

Having a teenager who has earned their license and can now get into a vehicle without you can be nerve-wracking. Finding out that they're stranded somewhere in the car can be scary. That's why you should give them number of an emergency towing service and discuss the following guidance about their conduct while awaiting the truck that will get them on their way again.

Shut Down the Phone

Your teen may feel satisfied once they've called the tow service and, rather than worrying, look for other things to do. To avoid boredom, they may use their smartphone to play games, watch a favorite show, call friends, or do many of the other activities that such a phone provides. All of these activities can run down the battery, but your teen might think that they won't need their phone if the tow service will soon get there.

Impress upon your child how important it is that they conserve their battery. Depending on the service you've chosen to use, you may be able to download an app beforehand that will help your teen follow the driver's route in case they wonder, but they need to be made aware that there are no guarantees that they won't need their phone until they're home again. They must use it as little as possible.

Stay Put

Without their phone for entertainment and distraction, some teenagers may want to disembark from the car just to walk around or head toward the convenience store or diner they passed a ways back. The time of day can make some of these choices unadvisable, but more than that, you've got to discuss with your teenager the better option of staying put.

Staying put enables the tow driver to make more immediate contact upon finding the car; if your teenager is having a cup of coffee a mile away, that can cause delays for other drivers waiting to be towed, and the towing employee may only be able to wait a certain amount of time, especially if they're unsure about where your teen has gone. Staying put can also keep your child much safer depending on the time of day. A person walking around in the dark is not easy for motorists to see.

A conversation with your teen after they've been stranded can be emotional, but if you have already suggested the above tips, they should be well-prepared and know what they should do. Consult local towing services to find out if additional details should be shared, or check out websites like to learn more about towing services.